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Chairman Certificates, C.V. & Portfolio

Eng Osama Yahia kadry manager and founder of OYK, a veteran with more than 30 years experience in engineering consultancy fields.

Qualifications and certificates :-
  • B.S.C degree of civil engineering from Ein Shams University, June 1975.
  • Certificate of project management course the from the A.U.C in 1983.
  • Certificate of project management using computer from D.P.S institute for system and information in 1984.
  • Certificate of cement application & concrete technology from Holderbank Institute, Switzerland, in 1987.
  • Certificate of economical feasibility studies from A.U.C in 1990
  • Certificate of authorized consultant civil engineer from the Egyptian engineers syndicate in 1991.
Membership of the following institutes :-
  1. The Egyptian engineers syndicate.
  2. The Egyptian consultant engineers association.
  3. The Egyptian engineers society.
  4. The international civil engineers association in England.
  5. The international center for engineering in Beverly Hills, U.S.A.
  6. The Arabic roads and airport engineering society.
30 years experience in the field of engineering and technical consultancy for big projects as well as supervision of erection work and the design work of big constructions in Egypt and abroad.
Design, engineering consultancy works and site supervision experience :-

1-ASEC (consultant firm) 1982 until 2000

• 1991 untill now
consultant engineer and chief civil engineer for Benisueif Cement Co " B.C.C " (120 Million EGP)

• 1991 to 1993 consultant engineer for Benisueif Cement plant " B.C.C " 2 Million ton cement plant with cost $100 Million

• 1986 to 1991 chief civil engineers for Helwan cement company " H.P.C.C" dry kilns 1,2 as well the construction work of the new Quarry and civil work 40 Million EGP)

• 1986 to 1988 chief civil engineer for at " A.S.E.C " technical office project evaluation design of concrete construction.

• 1981 to 1986 senior consultant civil engineer for Tourah Cement Co " T. C.C" extensions. Line 8,9 two million ton cement plants, with a cost of 300 Million EGP

2 -1979 to 1981 . consultant civil engineer at Dar EL- Handasa for

Design and technical consultancies with project team management for Zamalik
26 july bridge projects with a total cost of 36 Million EGP

3 - 1979 to 1981 . consultant civil engineer at Dar EL – Handsasa design Technical consult for the supervision of the execution of the following road bridge projects in Saudi Arab

Gamarat bridge – Mecca
Aziaia bridge – Mecca
Mozdalife –Mecca
The road in Mhaabas EL – Gin – Mecca
King Fisal roads and bridge – Mecca
The habilitation and development of Mecca infrastructure with total value of 360 Million EGP

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